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23 March 2018

Biochemical Society support

Student Members of the Biochemical Society attending the Symposium will be eligible to apply for a student travel bursary:

23 March 2018

Biochemical Society support

The IACC Symposium on “Cellular coenzymes in health and disease” has been supported as an Independent Meeting by The Biochemical Society:

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International Association For Cellular Coenzymes

The IACC is a not-for-profit association, which aims to promote basic and applied research on cellular coenzymes in health and disease and to stimulate the development of novel diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative approaches based on coenzymes and their analogues.

Specific objectives: 

a) to organize regular focused meetings and international symposia on cellular coenzymes;

b) to promote collaborative links among academic groups as well as new research projects with biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies ;

c) to diffuse, at a public level, general knowledge on basic problems and new information regarding safety and the therapeutic effects of cellular coenzymes and their analogues;

d) to collaborate with industry and society about the quality and safety of nutritional supplements, vitamins and coenzyme formulations available in the market.

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